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Hello again!

My name is Mariana Gama and I am a wedding photographer based in Lisbon / Portugal 🇵🇹 If you already sneaked peaked some of my works, you will see that I have a big vintage photography influence that I get from classical painting and movies 🎥 I’m just crazy about textures, grains, film photography and dreamy scenes ✨

I learned how to photograph with film photography, and I think this was something that helped me allot and made me understand better the "soul" of photography. I always tried to bring a bit of that kind texture to my aesthetic (before its was cool ahah), and even today when I study and research about photography, I love to go back to early photography artists such as David Octavius ​​Hill, who opened the door so that photography could later be considered a medium, a way of making art.

If you also follow me in Instagram, you’ve already noticed that I’m always posting some inspirations on my stories, but today I have organized some vintage inspirations and hope to help you and inspire you too! ⚡️ Please let me know what are your thoughts and if you liked my selection:

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